Thursday, May 1, 2014

The World Of Jakyama = New Creatures


Those of you who aren't following my Facebook page, Google+ page or DeviantArt page might not have heard about my latest Project, which I currently work on in my spare time. It goes by the name of Jakyama, or 'The Homp's Journal' and is a world crafting/storytelling project. Of special interest to readers of this blog may be that it will of course include a lot of new creatures. These creatures will not be as thoroughly described as the creatures in this bestiary or my MonstersByEmail work, but there will be plenty enough for inspiration, and there will be a context, which may or may not enrichen the creature experience.

You can take a look at what I've got so far by downloading the current issue of The Homp's Journal HERE. (it's free)

You can also delve deeper into the World of Jakyama, and speed up the travels of the Homp by supporting this project at my Patreon page, HERE 

If you haven't heard about I can tell you that it is a very smooth and easy way to support creators or all kind, and it is as easy and quick to leave as it is to enter, at any time. Supporters of my project receive extra insight into the World of Jakyama, and regular bonus stuff.

Here now is a troll, which the Homp meets just east of the Valathinnar Mountains, on his way to meet a witch. Much more to come.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monsters By Email and the Future


It's been a while since I updated this blog. The days have been strange and busy of late. Also, I have just moved my office.

Monsters By Email, Subscription Period 2 is completed, and with it MonstersByEmail goes into hybernation for an unpredictable time ahead. The site and the name will remain though, since I will continue to sell the creatures and contents produced during these last eight months, as well as  promote any future creature products of mine.

No less than 38 new creatures have come into existence through MonstersByEmail and from the feedback I have been sent I can say they have been well received. They continue now to live in RPG campaigns, in browser games, in iPhone games, in art, and in many other ways, since several publishers have acquired the rights to use at least half of them.

For the coming four weeks or so, I'll be busy making character concepts and illustrations for a promising movie script, and I reckon I'll be open for freelance again from December 5. If you have something you need drawn, with a dead-line after that, please contact me through

If you missed MonstersByEmail subscriptions period 1 or 2, you can still pick up the full contents HERE!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Want to sell MonstersByEmail subscriptions?


During the last two months of this Subscription Period, I'm opening the possibility for others to sell MonstersByEmail subscriptions from their own websites. The offer may be extended beyond October 31, depending on the results of this trial.

Retailers keep 50% of the 10 dollar subscription fee.

Who can sell MonstersByEmail subscriptions?

1. You must have an appropriate site, which is somehow related to any of the following topics: rpgs, monsters, art, learning art, or other fantasy/sci-fi/horror products. The site must inform about the MonstersByEmail subscription in a way which doesn't mislead the customers, or optionally link to (You are free to copy and paste information and images from

2. You must be able to create and use your own buy-buttons, as a means of selling subscriptions

3. If you live in EU, you must have a VAT-number, and inform me about it.

4. You must subscribe to MonstersByEmail.

Let me know if you are interested ( and I'll send you more information on this.

/Nicholas Cloister