Thursday, May 6, 2010

Successful head transplantation!

Finally I've been granted some time to create another creature. Sorry for saying I would update this blog weekly. I realise now, that I cannot make any updates unless I have something to say, and in the case of this blog, that means a new creature. In times when I'm busy working, the blog will therefore (sadly) stand still.

I realised there were few dungeon dwellers here so far, so this time I've dug down into the earth and rock to find this piece of muscle. I hope you enjoy it. In the meanwhile, I'm starting out on creature number 13... perhaps some all together unlucky form of life? We shall see...



TERRAIN: Dungeons and caves
FOOD: Carnivore
AGGRESSION: Controlled (short-tempered)
SIZE: 9 feet (270 cm) long

AGILITY: 14-18
(If stats of a human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Running x 4 Swimming x 1,5
(Multiple is times human speed)

(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

The Gohrgin has a very thick and hardy hide, that is enforced in places by bony plates and ridges. The top of its head is especially hard, and the creature has been seen ramming victims, and pinning them to the walls before biting or shredding them to pieces.

2 BITE: 2-6
1 TAIL: 2-8
1 SKULL RAM: 1-6 (+ optional speed damage)
(4-8 TENTACLES: 1-4) see 'Powers'
(If a Long Sword makes a damage of 1-8)

The Gohrgin is a very fast creature, and makes use of its great speed to attack prey. It normally overcomes victims from behind and tears them down much like a great lion would. When facing unusual foes the Gohrgin may approach more carefully at first, and try to observe enemy behaviour. Attacks coming at it from behind are met by its great club of a tail. Though not long enough to reach in front of it, the Gohrgin often displays and raises its powerful tail in a threatening manner.

SEVER OWN HEAD: The hard shell-like shape on top of the Gohrgin's head is tough for a reason. Inside this armour is not only the creature's brain, but also its heart. This strange location has its explanation in the creature's ability to loosen its own head from the body. When the main body is severly wounded, and loss of blood threatens to kill the creature, the Gohrgin can wilfully detach its head from the body. The hard, and normally limp tentacles hanging from the sides of the head is then brought to animation, and functions as legs for the now much smaller life form. The vessels of blood in the neck is automatically sealed tight and the remaining blood begins to support the brain and other head functions. The creature then normally steals off and tries to make its way into smaller tunnels, where enemies cannot follow. There it continues to exist, and more tentacles eventually grow out of the skull to make for a new and spidery revelation. Rarely however, the Gohrgin may continue attacking in this new form with bites and sharp tentacles. In any way it continues the remainder of its days as something of a large insect, rather than the powerful predator it once was.

SHRIEK OF THE UNDEAD: The Gohrgin has an eerie connection to the undead and to ghosts especially. When threatened it may invoke a shrill call to summon nearby spirits and undead to its aid. It cannot raise or wake the dead, but only command those that happen to be within 1 mile (1,6 kilometres) of it. Any undead hearing the shriek of a Gohrgin must answer. Any loyalty or binding to other powers are immediatly abandoned, and undead so summoned will do their utmost to defend the calling Gohrgin for as long as the threat remains. Vampires and other powerful undead are also subject to the shriek, but usually slay the Gohrgin once the effect is over, so as to avoid future disturbances. The origins of this power are not clear, but could possibly be explained by the rumoured background of the creature (See 'Description').

In the tunnels of the earth live the Gohrgins. There they hunt and feed upon all living things, brave or ignorant enough to enter their labyrinthine world. They speed through the subterranean pathways in search for food, and few things escape their hunger. Often in small packs, but also on their own, the Gohrgin rarely stops hunting. Their appearance and cruel strength is the stuff of goblin nightmares. With perfect night vision and relentless perseverance they are a terror of the underworld.

The dark stare and strange powers of these beasts have given rise to numerous stories, but one of the most vivid speaks of an orc warlock creating these creatures. The warlock is told to have been a two-headed freak, with horrible and morbid powers. Through hideous rituals he is said to have successfully mixed his blood with a great reptile that lived in the mountains - rituals that included the surgical removal of one of his own heads, to be magically attached to the body of the reptile. The warlock's arcane knowledge of necromancy is by this story the cause of of the Gohrgin's unearthly shriek (see 'Powers')

Those fortunate enough to have survived an encounter with the Gohrgin, says the stare of the monster never leaves them. Though beastial in all behaviour, the creature radiates an aura of dark intelligence, and the eyes have a magnetic power that some find hard to tear themselves from (optional saving throw).

The Gohrgin live all of its life under ground. It draws away from daylight, if exposed to it, and its otherwise perfect vision is temporarily disabled. However, creatures in need of new hunting grounds move over land at night, and searches about for fresh dungeons in which to settle. The female - a creature twice the size of the more abundant males, never leaves a "conquered" cavern. She will remain and multiply until there is no traces of food left, and then die in her lair. Young Gohrgins grow up rapidly, but only one out of twenty is a female.

This creature is rarely found near human settlements, but are drawn at times to catacombs and other subterranean burial grounds. It seems to have an attraction to the dead and the spirit world. Though the Gohrgin normally consumes all of its prey, it tends to leave corpses found untouched, even when plenty of flesh remain upon them.

The Gohrgin live to be about 50 years old, and except for the mysterious link with the undead it has no other interest than food and reproduction.

© Copyright 2010 - Nicholas Cloister