Friday, March 4, 2011

Two ghosts for the price of one

It is time to call the clerics. The underworld has come alive and flies hither and dither, wreaking havoc in our not exactly perfect, but very orderly societies. - 'Darling, they are in the lawn now! Away, I say! Away from my roses!' Ghosts are great fun until you meet one.

Sorry about those lines of introduction, I have no idea what I'm typing here. Some poltergeist has taken control over my hands and are forcing me to fuc...sorry, write this. There is evil all about and this double freaky presence have made itself known to me. The dreadfully cold revelation produces these words, revealing itself to the world through my damned blog! Please help me! It would have been nice to celebrate 30 creatures some way, but I'm... you... I'm going to pull.... eyes... read... know the impossible truth! Ah.... (dies and presses 'publish' with a final spasm of death)


TERRAIN: Deep Seas of Hell
FOOD: None/(Carnivore)
SIZE: Corresponding human size.

CHARM: 1-6
(If stats of a human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Flying (eagle x 0,5)
(Multiple is times human speed)

MAGIC POWER: 0-100 (corresponds with power possessed in life)
(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

The slimy cold skin of the Hon'Gaddha give little protection, and is equally thick over its twisted body.)

4 CLAWS: 1 – 6
2 BITES: 1-4
1 TENTACLE: 2-8 points of electrical damage

(If a Long Sword makes a damage of 1-8)

The tentacle of the Hon'Gaddha is slow, but long enough to encircle assailants and strike from behind.

TOUCH OF HATRED: Strong hate permeates every part of the Hon'Gaddha, and as it claws and touches its victims this deep and cold emotional energy is transmitted to them. A successful saving-throw vs Mental Resilience is required stay unaffected. 1-4 hate-points are acquired when the throw fails. At 10 points a general hatred towards all living things has grown bold, and the victim will attack any and all forms of life indiscriminately as long as the hatred lasts. As the Hon'Gaddha dies or leaves, the blind hatred dissipates in 1-4 rounds and the victim is returned to its normal mood. If a victim is left in the hatred of a Hon'Gaddha, and not consumed or killed, he or she is permanently affected in 24 hours, and made slave to the Hon'Gaddha's twisted will in another 24 hours. When hunted, the ghost may spare the lives of some victims to defend itself in this way, through their power.

DANCE OF SILENCE: The Hon'Gaddha may spin around, in a tornado-like dance, to summon an eerie and physical field of silence around it. The field reaches 50 yards (45 m) in all directions and takes two rounds of undisturbed dancing to complete. It brings a very uncomfortable cold, and adds the sensation of moving in water. All events in the field continue at a normal speed, but the sensation is convincing and may contribute to a change of action. Silence is total and spells based on sound are useless as long as this power lasts, which is 5-20 rounds.

Some couples, bound to each other by ceremonies and oaths, fail to fulfil the covenant of love they have agreed upon. Instead they nag and annoy each other. They become spiteful and drain the energies from one another. They mentally and physically abuse one another, and in this downward spiral they provoke into manifestation the very worst and most malicious qualities of each other. Finally murder pulls them physically apart.

When both beings of such a couple are dead, they are rejoined post mortem in a marriage of the flesh. In the cold and utter silence of the deep seas of the Hell, they are forever bound together, in a carousel of hatred. With the last glimpse of reconciliation driven out of them, there is no return. Eternally they claw and lash at one another, furiously and violently, in the company of nothing but the other horrible creatures of the watery pits.

Now and then, in the temporary thoughtless conflicts of living couples, the negative energy peaks and summons a Hon'Gaddha ghost into the material plane of existence. Attracted to the living likeness and memory of its former life, the ghost is thus drawn back to an undead existence in the world. Here it will reach out hungrily towards the love left in the living, and try desperately to consume it. By attacking the souls and flesh of beings still alive, it hopes to extract the liberating love that would free it from its dreadful destiny. It can do no such thing, but eternal hatred keeps repeating these futile acts of ignorance, and learns no lessons.

The Hon'Gaddha ghost materializes only during the dark hours of night. In the day it remains present to behold the actions of the living, but cannot interact with them. It is invisible and without power. As night falls the body takes shape and the ghost roams to find loving creatures to destroy. At times it haunts and terrorizes its victims, to make them call out desperately to loved ones, or precious deities, before attacking. It is believed the ghost puts itself in the role of the saviour to somehow try savouring the love of the victims.

In the material undead form the Hon´Gaddha couple is distracted enough from one another to achieve a temporary form of cooperation, but it regularly returns to its furious tornado of hatred, where every ounce of energy is spent on achieving the impossible death of the other. At these moments it wails, screams, and roars. The symphony of these outbursts of aversion is nightmarish and bone-shivering. It can be heard for miles and have a tendency to contaminate long time listeners with its bitterness and spiteful nature.

To wilfully summon and take control of a Hon'Gaddha ghost, the mixed blood of a newly wed couple is needed, together with other, more clandestine ingredients. It is a dangerous and very delicate undertaking. The Ghost is covered in a slippery layer of the waters of Hell. A 30 feet (10 m) long tentacle of electrical energy swims behind it, in constant rebellion with the laws of gravity. Like most ghosts it is immune to all weapons but those of blessed silver, or powerful enchantments. Spells and other powers known to the cursed couple in life, may be invoked by the undead Hon'Gaddha, which will cast only the dark and dreadful spells that reflects its new character and identity.

© Copyright 2011 - Nicholas Cloister