Friday, May 27, 2011

Possessed by Unholy Fire

Hi people! Thanks for using the rating-poll! It gives me some idea of what works... for you! I'm updating earlier than I expected, so the rating is now for the Myraclion. Have a nice weekend, and stay out of trouble. GHOST!!!


TERRAIN: Catacombs and crypts
FOOD: Spirits and souls
SIZE: 13 feet (390 cm) long with tail

AGILITY: 12-18
ENDURANCE: - (see 'Powers')
CHARM: 2-4
(If stats of a human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Flying (eagle x 0,1)
(Multiple is times human speed)

(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

When in material form, the Myraclion is covered in an amphibian-like skin, which is highly flexible and gives only minor protection. Its back is softer still and very vulnerable to injury. Enchanted weapons or arms forged from silver are required to cause harm to the Myraclion. The creature can turn from ethereal to material form in a single round, but once a physical revelation it needs at least ten rounds to return to a fully spectral state.

1 FLAMING TAIL: 1–6 (+ unholy flame, see 'Powers')
8-12 TENTACLES: 1–3 (+ unholy flame, see 'Powers')
(If a Long Sword causes 1-8 points of damage)

The Myraclioin favours its tail when attacking, and uses the many short tentacles only when it deals with unarmed prey, or defending itself against several opponents at once.

UNHOLY FLAME: The searing fire of the Myraclion, which burns red at the end of every tentacle, can cause great physical harm, but also bites into the soul energy of those touched by its evil. The unholy fire is twice as hot as any normal flame, and causes 2-12 points of fire damage at touch. In addition to this it drains the victim of energy. The drainage causes a temporary 1-4 point reduction in Strength, Endurance, and Mental resilience, lasting 6-12 rounds. Half of these points are immediately added to the Myraclion hit points (but not beyond its maximum). The rest goes to energize its fire. The victim must complete a successful saving throw for each of these characteristics, or the loss will last another 1-2 weeks. Each following touch will cause additional harm and require new saving throws. A severe failure (5% chance) with these throws causes a permanent 1 point reduction in the respective characteristic. Good clerics, rangers, druids, and similar character classes are less prone to the Unholy Flame and should be offered a bonus to these throws depending on level/experience. Holy robes, magical armors, and spells may offer various degrees of protection, but typical charms vs fire are insufficient. When fully saturated, the Myraclion can stay in physical form for about forty-two hours, before the flame fades. As long as the flame burns, it doesn't get tired.

POSSESSION: If any characteristic is drained completely by the burning touch of the Myraclion, the victim collapses. When that happens the unholy force of the ghost gains access to the soul of the victim and possesses it. As the afflicted person regains consciousness nothing special can be sensed or noticed, but henceforth whenever on the brink of death, such a possessed being will start glowing with a ghostly fire, and by touching other life-forms he or she may use the power of drainage to regain lost energy and hit points. By fueling the flame the possessed being may be fully restored. The flame will burn until the person calms down, and it will not return until the possessed one is once more acutely weakened and faces the risk of dying. Every time this flame is revived the carrier risks losing control to it. A simple saving throw vs mental resilience should be performed each time the flame flares into power, with a penalty of 1-2 points added for every time the fire is awakened. At first failure the victim is completely lost to the flame, and is no longer in control of the body. He or she is now fully a slave to the unholy fire and - unless a serious high-level exorcism is performed - a permanent tool and extension of the Myraclion ego.

The Myraclion is a Ghost – the soul of a dead being trapped in the material plane. In a warped body, reflecting its sorry state, it feeds on the life force of the living to energize short periods of materialization. The Myraclion transforms the soul energy of its victims into an unholy flame which upholds its physical body and grants it the power of drainage. The flame of the Myraclion is the source of its existence. When the flame is extinguished, the Myraclion is destroyed.

The back of the creature is flat, like the slimy belly of a slug. It attaches itself to the roofs or misty floors of crypts and catacombs. There it can remain in spectral form, for decades of stillness, to preserve energy. The flame is kept a tiny spark as the Myraclion hopes for new careless victims to move within range. With every fresh kill, new unholy vigor is added to the flame and power of the ghost.

The only way to release a Myraclion from its spiritual entrapment is to starve or kill it. Only silver or magic will cause it harm. Weapons of steel enter the undead flesh of the creature, but cannot touch the reddish fire – its blood. Severed tentacles swiftly grow out anew and the physical body will re-materialize as long as the flame remains.

A Myraclion keeps underground, but when food is scarce the ghost may embark on night-time hunts, to find fresh souls to deplete of energy. On such raids it seeks civilization and easy victims, but may be tempted to attack big, when restored to power. Inns, brothels, and other places of late hour activity have been known to attract undesired attention. Though able to fly, Myraclions always keep a low altitude, fearful of soaring into the immaterial heights. The unholy fire cannot be quenched by rain or water, but the ghosts still avoid it.

No one really knows why some souls end up in the odd and twisted form of the Myraclion. Other ghosts seem to shy away from them. Theories say that extremely self-centered individuals, who thrive on a leach-like exploitation of others, are doomed to this form. When left to themselves at death, they are unable to handle the situation, and throw out spiritual tentacles to connect to some sort of source which can keep them together, prolonging their self-celebration and manifestation.

The Myraclion have lost most of its intelligence and is a highly automated form of hunger and dark rage. It may still moan out its despair and glow with fierce self-proclamation, but the skill to interact intelligibly with the surrounding world is altogether forgotten. Abandoned in the morbid state of undead existence it cares for naught but its own continuation.

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