Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Emerald Path – Dream walking with a buck

Bleating, my friend was, as he pointed out the thorough wickedness of my last couple of creatures. Fortunately, I had this furry benefactor in the pipe-line to counter with a dose of generosity and kindness. Will a goat do, I wonder, to the readers of this blog? Well, if it's mysterious enough it will do for me. Goats by themselves, I think (meaning now the real world goats, which looks a lot more like goats than this peculiar creation) are rather mysterious. It is not entirely without reason that they have come to decorate the heads of many a devil and demon throughout the strange tomes of free-masonry, Christian mythology, and satanic symbolism. This specific Ruminantia (see what nice words one learns when designing new critters) is not at all evil though, but quite the opposite. Never fear, good people. It can still give you a decent round of butting.

By the way, if anyone feels like handing out flyers (of RPG Creatures) at a convention here or there, we might be able to make a deal of mutual satisfaction. Perhaps you are looking for a cover illustration to your next indie game or something like that? I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to send me an email.


CATEGORY: Higher power
TERRAIN: Higher planes of existence
FOOD: Herbivore
SIZE: 5' 5" (160 cm) tall
NUMBERS: 1 (Unique)

(If stats of a human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Running x 3
(Multiple is times human speed)

(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

AVERAGE: 0 (1)
BODY: 1 (1-2)
HEAD: 2 (1-2)
(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

The fur of this legendary goat is of normal thickness and kind. It gives no special protection. The head is slightly better shielded due to the horns.

1 BITE: 1-10
1 BUTT: 1-4 + Emphaerian might (see Powers)
(If a Long Sword causes 1-8 points of damage)

The Emphaerian goat is not a fighting creature, but will act to defend those in its favour.

MENTAL HEALING: At sight the Goat of Empheron heals all undesired mental afflictions. This includes lingering spells, curses, and the effects drugs and diseases. Physical wounds are not affected, but restrictions caused from pain may be partly removed.

BLESS: All who behold this creature are temporarily blessed, and gain a +2 bonus on all rolls during 24 hours.

GRANT DREAMWALKING: See description.

EMPHAERIAN MIGHT: In the emerald matter of the creature's horns is infused the strength of their creator. The actual force of butting isn't increased, but the horns radiate waves of physical tremor that cause 2-12 points of injury to those smitten by their power.

So infatuated with the elven shepherdess was the Titan Emphaeron, that to please her he lay his hand on her favourite goat and bestowed immortality upon it. He crafted for it new horns from his emerald heart, and made two fine instruments of the old ones. One such horn of calling he gave to the shepherdess, and the other he kept for himself. Whenever the horns were blown the immortal goat would appear and calm the spirit of all who beheld it, and by the power of the Titan's heart, it would let them see. Thus Emphaeron revealed his unspoken love for the elf-maid.

At dusk, blow the horn, and the goat will come. In the early hours it will come. While still sleeping you will find yourself in its warm presence. There, make a journey of your desire. The Goat will lead you dreaming through the real world. No man, creature, or woman will behold you, but you will witness them, and all other things, as they are at that moment. While dream-walking thus you are safe in your place of sleeping. Still, you must take care. In this in-between existence those of ethereal nature, those magically born, and those with a piercing unnatural gaze may perceive thee. Seeing, they may attack. Fight them then, or run. The goat will aid you. If the Goat is slain, your journey is over, and if you die there you will never wake up again.

Wander with the cloven hooves of Emphaeron. For some hours you may walk with it. Gaze into the strongholds of your enemies, and look into the nature of their hearts. All is visible and strange in the realm of the Goat. All is eerie and true. As you awake and return to your place of rest, do not sound the horn again for seven days. The Goat is weary and will not heed your call.

If the quest is dire, the immortal beast may summon to itself not only the wielder of the horn, but also his companions. It has happened, though rarely, that even uncalled the Goat has appeared. Take care at such occasions. It could so be that your path has crossed the highways of the Gods. You will not then know for certain, who the Goat has come to serve. The Titan still keeps the second horn, and he is the true shepherd of this power.

The Emphaerian Goat, one of its kind, grazes the rich and heavenly grasslands, where demigods and giants move and flourish. When summoned it projects itself into a twin existence where it holds some physical power. The real Goat however is beyond reach and remain undisturbed in the wonder of Elysian pastures. Should it ever be encountered in this, its actual form, the game-master is recommended to add powers to its immortal presence.

While much is to be seen and learned by summoning the Goat, the truth can be very demanding. A few travels with this creature tend to be enough for the psyche of mortals. Countless times the instrument of summoning has changed hands. Many times it has been bitterly discarded. Through it, many have discovered the value of surprises, and learned the hard way to delicately balance between chaos and control.

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