Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2nd creature is here... and swimming.

So, here is another one. Hopefully I can do yet one more before a short Christmas break. I see six followers here already. Welcome, guys! Help me to spread the word about this blog, and I shall feel even more enthusiastic about summoning these creatures… and as I said in the first post, all suggestions and comments are welcome!

I intend to stay focused on fantasy creatures, even if some might be usable in sci-fi or horror settings. Fantasy is what I primarily desire and all creatures that I post here are such as I‘d like to see in a fantasy game world of my own. When I was a game/dungeon master I made campaigns mainly for ‘AD&D’, ‘Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay’, the Swedish 'Drakar och Demoner’ and ‘Drakar och Demoner Expert’, but also a few adventures of ‘MERP’ and ‘Skyrealms of Jorune’ etc. Enough talk, here is a sea creature for you!


TERRAIN: Any salty or brackish water
FOOD: Omnivore
SIZE: 26 feet long (about 8 meters)

AGILITY: 15-24
CHARM: 2-5
(If stats of human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Swimming x 10, Crawling x 1
(Multiple is times human speed)

(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

1 TAIL: 2-12
1 BITE: 2-6
2 FINS: 1-6
4 CLAWS: 1-6
(If a Long Sword makes a damage of 1-8)

The Mon’thoris will try to keep enemies off by using its powerful tail. Only when necessary will it fight with its fins, claws and teeth. The claws are normally used for cutting seaweed, opening great clams etc, and the mouth for eating, rather than fighting.

TELEPATHIC RAY: The Mon’thoris has the ability to invoke fear into an enemy, by using its telepathic abilities. If there is a spell called fear in your game, it could be used to determine this power. Otherwise it should lessen the player’s chance of succeeding with any attack or action against the Mon’thoris by 10%-30%, depending on the outcome of the saving throw against mental attacks or psychic powers. The effect lasts for as long as the creature is within the range of any sense perception. The telepathic power of the Mon’thoris can also be used to bring a great joy or delight to any intelligent being. This will increase by 20% the chance of succeeding in all throws that is dependent on confidence or morale.

The Mon’thoris is a rare creature that spends most of its life underwater, in the great seas of the world. It is intelligent and can communicate by telepathic suggestions and images, thus getting across simple messages like “come with me”, “stay where you are”, and “leave this place”. Normally it lives a very solitary life and mates only at a full solar eclipse. It can live for several centuries, and feeds mainly on fish and various types of seaweed.

Being a mammal the Mon’thoris breathes air and must surface regularly. It can hold its breath for up to an hour if need be, but will drown if trapped under water. They can crawl slowly across land, but will not leave the water unless in great peril. Male and female look essentially the same, and act alike when encountered. Usually the Mon’thoris will avoid contact with human beings, but at times they could become curious of those who venture into the depths. On rare occasions these creatures have been known to join forces with other intelligent powers of the sea. They would do a great job as guardian creatures, but are far too clever to be trained like dogs. Rather, they should be treated kindly, or a fierce foe is to be reckoned with.

The brain of the Mon’thoris is protected by hard bone, but is highly valuable to those who know how to treat it. Great potions of various effects can be produced from extracting the interiors of the Mon’thoris’s skull. The creature has the power of reading the mind of any intelligent being (no saving throw allowed), but it can only see long-term plans, dreams etc. It therefore has no use for this ability when fighting. Also, this water beast is sensitive to vibrations, warmth, and electrical fields in the surrounding water, so there is really no way of surprising it.

When inactive the Mon’thoris might rest near the surface hidden by seaweed, but the perfect place for this mammal to make its “home” is in a cave filled to the half with water – a great cave accessible only by the sea. When dying the Mon’thoris takes a deep breath and heads willingly towards the dark depths. They use no sounds for communication, but at this rare event they are said to sing, much like the whales of the old world.

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