Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dharkhanian - RPG creatures launched.

Below is the first creature posted here, in this attempt to create a successful online bestiary. My intention is to keep producing new creatures at a regular rate, whenever I’m able to do so. These creatures can be used by anyone who feels inclined to include them in their role-playing game campaign, and can be downloaded free of charge. Eventually there might be some ads on this blog, and some prints for sale, but the quality of these creatures will stay high, and personal use will remain free. Only if you wish to make use of these creatures in a commercial context do I require economic compensation. You then need to buy the rights to the desired creature concepts.

Creature statistics are game independent, and should be translated to fit the game into which it is incorporated. What you see now is a start. All suggestions about changes to the basic outline of creature information are very welcome. Feel free to comment on (or rate) the current creature, and to recommend changes. All ideas are graciously received. Since I'm Swedish, notes on language errors are also expected. Hopefully, with time, this will develop to be one of the best sources for RPG creatures available online. I will do my best to keep producing a fine and variable bestiary. Right now I look forward to making all kinds of reptile, amphibian, bird, fish, insect, magical, ethereal, astral, devilish, divine, undead, elemental and all kinds of cool critters. Do you like creatures? Then make sure you follow this blog!


CATEGORY: Two-legged Mammal (Possibly demonic origins)
TERRAIN: Any dark woodland, preferably damp
FOOD: Carnivore
AGGRESSION: Normal/Very High (see description)
SIZE: 6’ 5” (195 cm)
NUMBERS: One or several groups of 1-10 male

AGILITY: 12-15
CHARM: 1-2
(If stats of human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Running x 1,5, Climbing x 3
(Multiple is times human speed)

(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

2 CLAWED HANDS: 2-5 (+spec)
(If a Long Sword makes a damage of 1-8)

The Dharkanian should hit rather easily with its arms, and has a lesser chance of hitting with the deadly web projectile, unless the player is held (see below). Dharkhanians have two claws at the end of their powerful legs, but they never use these for fighting. The chance of hitting is not numbered here, because of the great variety in rpg systems.

BARBED HANDS: When it manages to hit and wound there is a 50% chance that the Dharkhanian’s hand sticks to the player. If so it will inflict another 2-4 points of damage every round it remains stuck. (If the game has rules for grabbing/wrestling etc these could be used here.) The Dharkhanian will try to get both its barbed hands attached to the player to make sure its web projectile hits the player in the chest or face point-blank. If the Dharkhanian manages to get both hands attached to the player the projectile will hit automatically with full damage. Player should make a roll based on strength to break loose, or attack to hit the Dharkhanian’s arm. A successful hit will make it let go of the player, temporarily.

SWOOPING ATTACK: The Dharkhanian has the ability to glide through the forest, if starting from a height, such as a tree or a cliff. In combat this can be used to get close to prey, and as an element of surprise. Add 1-4 points of damage to the claw attacks if they are combined with a swooping attack.

The Dharkhanian is a dark creature that lives in damp and murky forests, preferably up in and near large trees. Like spiders they have the ability to produce vast amounts of web at great speed. The web is shot out through a hole in their chest, quick enough if needs be, to be used as a projectile in combat. Normally the Dharkhanian generates great tangles of these webs to make for a chaotic and sticky mesh between the trees of the forest. The web itself is not a dead substance but alive. It can’t move about, but is able to quiver and curl up to some extent. It can also project sharp needles and does so when touched. When able it injects a potent chemical substance into the prey, which quickly changes its cell structure. The needles only do 1-2 points of damage, but any life-form infected by them will have its body odour changed for up to seven years. So even if able to break loose, the unfortunate one could be in some trouble. The special scent attracts the attention of the Dharkhanian who will hunt down whatsoever has made contact with their webs. From that moment it is considered food, and will be killed on sight. The Dharkhanian is only a moderately hostile creature, but becomes extremely aggressive towards all creatures that have been infected by its webs. It can sense this scent from up to fifteen miles away, and will trail it whenever detected. The special nasal tube on the Dharkhanian's head is sensitive enough to determine distance as well as direction. The creature hunts in groups of 3-10 males, and is known to spread out and to co-operate for tactical advantage. Once killed or captured a Dharkhanian does what spiders do and weaves a great jumble of webs around its prey, unless hungry, to save it for later. It doesn’t prepare its food in any way, but eats all kinds of meat untreated, alive as well as dead.

The Dharkhanian female is somewhat smaller in size, slightly less muscular and doesn’t take part in any killing, unless attacked, or defending the offspring. They reproduce at human speed but have two or three children at once more frequently. How the young are tended is unknown, but likely they stay well protected in the big, but disorderly web structures which the Dharkhanian makes for shelter high up in the trees. Dharkhanian have occasionally been found hanging upside down from the lower parts of these nests, but only does so when anticipating possible prey. Sleeping is done inside during daytime, while hunting and other activities take place at night, unless the webs are disturbed at other hours. The Dharkanian care nothing for treasures or material possessions, but usually dispose of skeletal remains (which may include outfits and gear) in a large hole, made especially for the purpose, and usually located in the vicinity of the nest.

This creature has a fearsome look and spreads a foul stench. It is suggested that it might originate from some darker plane of existence, but the biology is basically mammal, with some bird-like features. It has good eye-sight and perfect nocturnal vision. The many ear-holes located right behind its eyes provide good hearing. Usually it stays close to its home, but in times when food is scarce, it has been known to roam and explore. The Dharkhanian has no known language but communicates through series of nasal grunts or moans, as well as through flapping with the split upper lip. If left alone it lives to be about 50 years old, and it keeps up a good physique right up until the end. Dharkhanian nests can contain anything from a few families to hundreds of creatures. They have no culture to speak of, though simple items of use have been found. The webs have several uses, but are primarily utilized for hunting and marking the territory. They can spread out for miles from the main nest. The groups are typically controlled by a large and dominant male.

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