Monday, September 17, 2012

RPG Creatures, continues by mail. Please read!

Shortly put...
For only $2 per month you receive:
4-6 print resolution original creature illustrations (48-72 creatures yearly)
+ the rights to publish and sell 50% of them
+ rpg adapted creature descriptions and ideas
+ regular artistic advice on creature design
+ sketches, steps and similar amusements.

There is even a chance you can get it for free!

Why and how?
The time has come when I can no longer motivate the hours it takes to produce these creatures, unless I can somehow make it my daytime occupation. I have been thinking about ways to afford making more creatures, and come up with something worth trying.

Please visit my new website, called 'Monsters by eMail' to learn more about this offer and opportunity.

Below is a creature example, of how the new creatures will be displayed.