Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monsters By Email and the Future


It's been a while since I updated this blog. The days have been strange and busy of late. Also, I have just moved my office.

Monsters By Email, Subscription Period 2 is completed, and with it MonstersByEmail goes into hybernation for an unpredictable time ahead. The site and the name will remain though, since I will continue to sell the creatures and contents produced during these last eight months, as well as  promote any future creature products of mine.

No less than 38 new creatures have come into existence through MonstersByEmail and from the feedback I have been sent I can say they have been well received. They continue now to live in RPG campaigns, in browser games, in iPhone games, in art, and in many other ways, since several publishers have acquired the rights to use at least half of them.

For the coming four weeks or so, I'll be busy making character concepts and illustrations for a promising movie script, and I reckon I'll be open for freelance again from December 5. If you have something you need drawn, with a dead-line after that, please contact me through