Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time to cut those nails.

This one was just a Sunday evening scribble, which I found interesting enough to continue. I believe it will receive stats and a description like the others, but my prime focus now is to make more art to publish online.

Many of the people reporting their interest to subscribe, come across my artwork on sites like DeviantArt and Reddit. Many of those are artists and creature fans, but not necessarily role-players or publishers. Still, I would like to write about the symbiosis between this creature and the scorpions it carries.

For Game Masters, Publishers, Artists, and Creature Fans: Monsters By Email.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Common Aquatic Beasts?

A new creature, is always a new creature.
Creatures are common on the web.
Uncommon on the web is print-resolution images of creatures.
Uncommon is good, rpg-adapted descriptions of creatures.
Truly uncommon is publishing rights for 1 or 2 dollar per creature.
Add tutorials and step-by-steps on creature design, and you have Monsters By Email

Below is the latest creature example. I have not yet written anything about it, but I hope it pleases the eye. It is the third aquatic creature I do in a short period. Perhaps I should taka a bath?
Come with me into the depths of the soapy sea, and see what hides underneath the facade of opinions.
Eh... what do you think?


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Monday, November 12, 2012

Exotic Reptiles for sale!

Here is another creature while Monsters By Email is gearing up. (Check it out if you enjoy creatures and still don't know what MonstersByEmail is...)



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