Thursday, December 17, 2009

Magic on wings

I'm blasting out one more pretty fast here, thinking it will give me some time with my family, preparing for Christmas and all. Nothing more to say really, just hoping you like it. Now I'm off looking for the enigma of steel, again ;) More creature after the holidays!


CATEGORY: Magical creature
FOOD: Carnivore
AGGRESSION: Normal/Controlled
SIZE: 6’ 3” (head)

AGILITY: 12-15
CHARM: 13-18
(If stats of human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Flying (eagle x 2), Running x 1,5
(Multiple is times human speed)

(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

2 TALONS: 2-5 (+frost)
2 TAILS: 1-6
1 BEAK: 1-4
(If a Long Sword makes a damage of 1-8)

The Nordjarimm primarily use magic when fighting, but when forced to physical combat they will try to stay airborne (out of range) and lash about with the long double tail. When on the ground or when facing other flying opponents it will also use its talons and beak, if currently unable to cast spells. See Powers for more info. (Swooping attacks can cause 1-4 extra damage)

FROST: The Nordjarimm can create frost magic instantly with its talons at any time, without using Magic Power. This is an innate ability that does 1-6 points extra damage whenever hitting with the talons.

MAGICAL COLD: Instead of attacking the Nordjarimm can cause a magical cold to spread through any firm surface (ground, stone, wood etc) over a circular area up to 50 feet (15 meters) from where it stands. This makes 1-4 points of damage every round to all in contact with the area of effect (unless immune to cold) for 1-10 rounds, which is the duration of the spell. This magic is also natural, can be repeated any number of times (no double effect), without reduction of Magic Points for the Nordjarimm.

FROST MISSILE: If not attacking any other way, the Nordjarimm can produce and throw two frost missiles with its tails. The missiles can travel up to 100 yards (ca 90 meters) and do 2-4 points of damage each. A hit-roll is required. Like the others above, this power is unlimited in use. (The chance of hitting is not numbered here, because of the great variety in rpg systems.)

The Nordjarimm is a magical creature. The origin of the species is clouded, but according to the Nordjarimm themselves; they were created by a powerful Mage a long time ago, in the mythic past of the world. How many of them still remain is uncertain, but only one hundred were originally created (if these creatures are to be believed). The Nordjarimm cannot die, unless slain. They need not feed, but do so anyway to stay alert, and to avoid the drowsiness that otherwise beset them. The creatures have no genitalia and lack the power of procreation. There are no young. All were created as adults, and all are untouched by aging. Very little differ in appearance between one Nordjarimm and another.

These creatures are highly intelligent and natural magicians. Every individual has a will and a personality of its own, but there is one goal that unites them – the quest for further magical power. Why the Nordjarimm searches ever for higher levels of magic is unclear, but some suggest they look for a means to reproduce. Whatever the reason, the Nordjarimm acts individually and will fight others of their species if necessary. The hunt for the arcane knowledge of magic is what drives them, and they will use many different methods to reach it.

It is not uncommon to find the Nordjarimm in the company of wizards, and other powerful beings of the world. Whatever gives them access, or hope of access, to new magic is part of their agenda. They are not in a hurry, and are masters of long-term scheming. This doesn’t necessarily make them false, or untrustworthy. Like master politicians they do not need to lie to get what they desire. Most Nordjarimm avoid killing and hurting the innocent. They do not however hesitate to remove wicked beings or other evil forces that come in their way.

All remaining Nordjarimm have lived for a very long time, and possess great knowledge of magic. The power to create frost and cold is theirs from the beginning, but they may know any number of spells, including the most powerful kinds. Exactly what spells any encountered Nordjarimm has mastered is up to the Game Master, but their long life-span and their magical nature should be taken into account.

The Nordjarimm can dwell and live anywhere, but prefer a base in the mountain peaks, above snow level, where they might have a cultivated cave, a small castle, or even a stronghold. The creature cares nothing for political power or dominion (as such) but is interested in protecting gathered scrolls, and magical items. Nor is it really interested in gold or treasure, but can hoard any kind of valuables to be used as bribes, or to purchase information/access. The Nordjarimm may gather followers and guards, and at times they might serve others for personal gain. They speak any number of languages and are well versed in the various cultures and societies of the world.

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