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Meat museums of the glaciers

While modern scientists are happy to find bacteria or single cell organisms in the cores drilled out from the polar ices, a fantasy explorer may be more fortunate. With the mysteries of the ages however comes a certain risk, and in this case that risk is called the Con'laihs. As amazing artists of the ice, with a tantalizing sort of power and hidden aims, these pose an obvious threat to any who seek to learn what ancient treasures may have slipped into their deep-buried fridges. Is this where the old gods are sleeping?


TERRAIN: Glaciers, polar ices, and deep snow regions
FOOD: Carnivore
SIZE: 5 feet (150 cm) tall
NUMBERS: 5-100

AGILITY: 13-16
CHARM: 2-4
(If stats of a human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Running (leaping) x 1,2
(Multiple is times human speed)

(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

Underneath the thick fur the back of the Con'laih is covered in a segmented bony shell which gives good protection of the inner organs and spine. The delicate tentacles are fully unprotected but when severed these grow out again in about six months.

1 KICK: 1-8
(If a Long Sword causes 1-8 points of damage)

The formidable front claws of the Con'laihs are their main weapon, but as a means of defence they may also use powerful kicks to keep enemies at bay.

ICE CONTROL: Through their thin tentacles the Con’laihs wield a strange energy. Though the creatures can cut through the ice with their saw-like claws it is mainly this energy they us to control and shape their beautiful abodes. The energy manipulates the quality and properties of the ice and makes it possible for them to make fantastic architectural constructions inside the glaciers. As the creatures wiggle, their tentacle ends start glowing and a sound like a thousand tiny bells is produced. The energy enters the ice which transforms according to the will of the Con'laih, who may quickly melt and reform great section of their lairs. If working in unison, the creatures can easily confuse or trap any unwanted intruders. The energy is also used to prevent undesired cellular damage to any still breathing catching as it is frozen and stored in the ice (see 'Description').

In deep burrows, inside the great glaciers and polar ice sheets, live the Con’laihs. The natural cracks and shafts produced by water are intersected by extensive mazes of Con’laih produced tunnels and caves. They hunt in the areas surrounding these ices, and occasionally send out groups to scout and find food in regions further away. These smaller parties cave out temporary lairs in deep snow, or frozen lakes. Birds, seals, foxes and bears are common on their menu, but the Con’laihs take down anything within their power. They are not especially aggressive, but due to a strong instinct of gathering, they tend to attack even when not hungry.

What the Con’laihs don’t eat at once they store deep frozen in the ice. In great chambers, far beneath the ice surface, they create museums of meat, which some speculate are not only for eating. When possible, prey is frozen alive and restored to life before eaten. Only the mysterious Con’laih energy can revive a life-form so frozen. All things stored are marked by complex patterns of burns, and many captures are saved for eons in the freezer. Truly ancient creatures and beings have been found preserved in the Con’laih reserves. These facts have led to the theory that the creatures freeze prey not only for preservation, but also to communicate in some manner with future generations.

Con’laihs are not great climbers, and tend to keep the floors of their lairs even. They are however natural jumpers and effortlessly leap straight across the crevices and cold rivers of the subterranean ice worlds. Jumping down upon their prey is also their favorite way of striking.

Ranging from golden yellow, to brown and dark grey, the fur colour of the Con’laihs vary greatly between specimens. The eyes are always dark green and glimmer with an otherworldly kind of intelligence. They communicate through rasping hissing sounds which are sometimes contrasted by high-pitched squeals.

The last stage of the Con’laih fetus development takes place outside the womb, in translucent cocoons, which are normally attached to the roof of ice tunnels. These glow gently with the mysterious energy of to the adult tentacles, and are spread out across the vast burrows to function as lamps in important sections. The young reach full maturity in three years and begin to weaken from old age about 60 years later.

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