Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free publishing?

There are some requests coming in, regarding publication of my creatures. Therefore I have decided to make a special entry about the use of these creatures in public contexts. Here I have tried to summon up what you can do (legally) without, and with, my approval. If there are any questions or doubts, just write me an e-mail.

Without asking you are free to:
• Make a small and limited number of copies for use in game role playing situations, or to decorate your wall, school locker, personal t-shirt, club house toilet, etc
• Publish any one creature image when specifically writing an article/review about me or my blog in a public paper/website/blog etc. But only if you add a link (or the address) to this blog and give full credit. (Neo-nazi propaganda posters, porn websites, or any other context/place that risk violating my moral/ethical rights are not included)

If you ask you have a fair chance of getting my permission to:
• Publish a creature or two in your fanzine for free, even as decoration. But only if you add a link (or the address) to this blog.
• Decorate your non-commercial, non-profit website with my creatures for free, if the address to this blog is included somewhere fairly visible.
• Make use of my creatures for your personal tattoos without cost.
• Make use of some of my creatures for your non-profit organisation.
• Use one or two of my creatures for free in any context, but only if you can convince me that it will draw a lot of new people to this blog.

I will add to this list when/if new situations occur that I haven’t yet considered.

On a philosophical level I don’t believe there is such a thing as ownership. I don’t believe you can accomplish anything by yourself, and I certainly don’t believe in the expression ‘self-made millionaire’. In every single action we are completely dependant on the so called surrounding world. Even thinking would be quite impossible without impressions. What would we think about? Still, we can have the experience of making an effort. We can have the experience of concentration and will, and through such effort creativity and accomplishment might follow. That is why I dare call these creatures mine, and claim the copyright to them. I also believe making art all day should be considered a profession, and ignite the chance of making a livelihood.

/Nicholas Cloister