Thursday, March 18, 2010

How cold (sloppy) can you get?

Today I happened to erase this demonic blog entry by mistake and replace it with another one… it all got very confusing. So here it is again, but this time without the introductory writing, which is also gone. :(


CATEGORY: Demon (Ice)
TERRAIN: Frozen Abyss
FOOD: Carnivore
SIZE: 12 feet (365 cm) when hulking
NUMBERS: 1 to numerous

AGILITY: 20-30
(If stats of a human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Running x 4, Swimming x 3
(Multiple is times human speed)

(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

HEAD: 10
BACK: 12
(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

The unnatural and fierce inner cold of the Aibia demon spreads out through its hard body. Any non-magical weapon touching this immense cold face a 50% chance of instantly shattering. All others (including most magical weapons) will inflict 3-6 points of cold damage to the wielder. Gauntlets (not metal ones) and thick gloves can reduce the damage. The material of the weapon handle can also influence this. Note that wounding the Rhonx Aibia with cutting or piercing weapons may result in a burst of liquid ice (its blood). Such a burst may hit home and is to be treated like a vent shower (see 'Attacks'). Magical fires cause half of the usual damage to the demon.

1 BITE: 2-6 (+ 10-20 of ice damage)
2 CLAWS: 2-12 (+ 5-10 of ice damage)
2 POURING VENT SHOWERS: 20-30 of ice damage
(If a Long Sword makes a damage of 1-8)

The Rhonx Aibia is a killing machine. The liquid cold of its interior is death to ordinary life forms. Before attacking it “dips” its scissor-like claws in liquid ice from the vents, and wielding these it destroys most in its way. When necessary it emits liquid ice in arc-like showers from the vents, effectively freezing, and killing most that it makes contact with. It can bite with some liquid bursting through its mouth, and the hind leg of this demon makes a horse’s kick look frail. The showers spread out 10-30 feet in a 180 arc before the demon. A tough agility/dexterity test must be passed in order to avoid it.

MARK OF ICE: When threatened the Aibia makes use of a trap to protect itself and its territory. By letting go of a part of its inner cold (its life energy) it can leave a mark of never melting liquid ice. This matter (usually applied as a round pool) will make the air and the surrounding ground cold and freezing. Stepping in such a mark will shatter the leg of the unlucky one, as well as causing 20-30 points of damage. Passing swiftly above it (up to three meters above) will cause 1-10 points of damage. Magical protections against cold can decrease the damage. The demon does its best to hide the mark, and place it where its enemies must pass. The place of a mark will remain in effect forever. Only the most magical fires can undo them. The surrounding area up to 1 mile (1,6 kilometres) away will turn noticeably colder for as long as the mark remains. The demon can produce 5 marks in a day. When making a mark it will loose its power to vent liquid cold as showers for an hour.

KISS OF THE FROZEN ABYSS: When desirable, enemies not instantly dying when trapped in the claws of the Aibia, may be temporarily spared and turned into allies. One of the vents is then applied to cover the victim’s face and inject a great amount of liquid ice into brain and body. This quick “freeze-down” will make the chosen body subject to the warped ice and turned instantly into a thrall of its frozen rule. The demon and the victim are made into one, and the fury of the Abyss will reign in them both alike. This transformation will last only for ten to twenty minutes. The victim then dies. For this to succeed the enemy must be held for two rounds. Use your game’s rules for holding/grappling etc.

AURA OF COLD: The Rhonx Aibia carries a constant aura of cold around it. All within 20 yards (18 meters) suffers 2 points of cold damage every round, unless protected properly by magic. Heat will not help against the aura. This is not a normal cold but something beyond it, rebellious and untied from the natural counterbalance of fire and ice. The only way of extinguishing this cold is to kill the demon. Preferably through crushing its bones, or through magical damage – bleeding it is far too dangerous.

It is said that the lesser deities looked with horror upon the Abyss when it was first created. To end the horror some of them ventured there, into the pits where chaos was lord supreme. There the minor gods gathered their powers and laid a binding cold upon the deeper levels. Frozen into a state of petrification, the life-forms of the Abyss went into slumber, but chaos soon stirred again. The underworld of ice was shattered and the bondage destroyed. Still these parts of the Abyss remain in a cold warped by evil. The cold did not lessen, but was turned colder still, into an unnatural state where the ice liquefied, not into water, but into actual floating ice. This perverted and evil cold – a creation of malevolence untold – was a triumph of chaos. When the demons awoke they had a new kind of energy.

No longer did spending energy cause heat, but cold in the form of liquid ice. When eating, cold was generated inside the demons. Not a regular cold that would have their hearts stop, but a new and distorted cold that brought vigour to demonic flesh. Everything was turned upside down. The abysmal cold was now part of the demons, and in time it became their very essence. There is now little difference between the living cold and the demons themselves. The life forms in these parts of the Abyss were changed forever, and their realms made colder than any other part of the universe.

When a demon from this underworld is summoned or escapes, it brings the warped Abyss inside of it. No longer the mere absence of warmth and energy, but a power in its own right, it cannot be destroyed by natural heat or fire. Inside of it is a sun of liquid cold, strengthened further by consumption of any life or edible matter. The surplus cold thus generated, isn’t let out into the air, but concentrated and vented through special outlets in the body. The entire creature is colder than any other thing alive, but it moves with the power and agility of a predator unleashed, leaving the mark of utter cold in its path.

The Rhonx Aibia is such a demon, and one of the lesser powers from the Abyssian Ice. Still a formidable power it will slay most other creatures without effort. The authority of its cold is so vast it will move unhindered through armies, unless they’re strengthened by magical power. It doesn’t think much, except for short-term scheming on how to gain more energy. It moves and eats, that is about it. Like other beasts it will brand its territory with marks of ice, and usually sees no reason to limit it. It will roam, slaughter and consume all living things until blocked or killed by greater powers. When venting liquid ice in the natural world, the demonic fluid soon freezes, to be melted slowly away if the temperature is high. But inside the Aibia it remains constantly liquid and glows with cold energy. The dark creature can choose to let go of parts of it icy soul, and does so when its territory is threatened. (See ‘Powers’ – Mark of Ice).

The Rhonx Aibia are immortal unless slain. They obey no command if not severely wounded and helpless, or if bound by strong magic. In their home world of the icy Abyss they are numerous and pushed around by Greater Demons, but in the world of men they are a fierce and terrible power. They move over land and through water and fire unhindered. They cannot fly, but leap over two story buildings with ease.

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