Friday, March 5, 2010

Thieves in fine fur

A little quicker this time, right!? Here is the first playable race among these creatures, so I added some equipment and clothing to give it some "character". A strange type of beings with unknown origins, that might attract players that are drawn to thieves. Give it a read and see what you think. I understand that some of those who visit this blog never bother about the text. That is expected of course, in these speedy Internet days, but the description is as important to me as the artwork, and I do think they enhance each other. What do you think? No comments yet... Are you afraid to mess up the Bestiary? ;) Well, as long as you enjoy what you see AND read, I'm happy to supply.


CATEGORY: Two-legged Mammal
FOOD: Omnivore
AGGRESSION: Controlled
SIZE: 4-5 feet (120-150 cm)

CHARM: 3-18
(If stats of human ranges from 3 to 18)

SPEED: Running x 1
(Multiple is times human speed)

(Ranges from 0-100)

(If a human commoner has about 11 hit points)

(If Full Plate Armour is 10)

The Jarma-Loh have a thick fur and hard skin for natural protection. In addition to which they can wear armour of any kind, but usually stay away from the heavier sorts. They tend to prefer swiftness and agility to a cumbersome defence.

2 FISTS: 1-3
2 KICKS: 1-4
1 BITE: 1-4
(If a Long Sword makes a damage of 1-8)

The Jarma-Loh have several natural weapons but will use these only when no actual weapons are available, or when an armed attack is uncalled for, like in a common street brawl. In non-lethal situations they avoid goring and biting their opponents. The Jarma-Loh are civilized creatures that normally try to blend in with the civilization at hand.

SCENT OUT MINERALS: The ability to actually smell out minerals from a distance is unique to the Jarma-Loh. It can determine the location, type, quality, and amount from about 200 yards. The creatures are oftenly hired by mining-companies and many Jarma-Lohs start mining operations themselves.

UNDERSTAND LANGUAGES: Though normal learners when it comes to language, the Jarma-Loh have an eerie power of understanding what’s being said, even though they do not speak the language in question. If a test roll of intelligence is successful 10-50% of what’s being said will be understood by the creature. If the roll is really good, the full meaning of what’s said will be comprehended. This ability may only be used once a day per conversation or speaker.

LEARN MINOR MAGIC: Jarma-Loh can learn simple magic, no matter what their choice of profession. This is an innate understanding of “survival magic”, like starting fires, opening locks, ventriloquism, eavesdropping, and producing minor illusions. Exactly what kind of spells should be regarded as minor is up to the Game Master, but shooting fireballs, and summoning elementals are definitely out of the intended range.

The Jarma-Loh have no culture or civilazation of their own. If there was once such a thing as Jarma-Loh societies they are now gone, and the race is scattered. Most live by themselves, while others group together in families or small clans.

The creatures have a human level intelligence and a corresponding emotional life. What differs them from human beings is primarily that they are quite happy by themselves, and don’t mind being scattered as a race. Nor do they react nearly as strongly to mockery, harassment or even persecution, which they are quite used to. The Jarma-Loh are hardy survivors that never misses an opportunity, and most of them do well in life.

Secondarily they differ from humans in their strong desire for treasure and riches. Few Jarma-Loh prioritize any other goal in life than wealth. Gems especially draw their attention, and with their ability to sniff out every kind of mineral, they usually find them. This obsession with treasure draw many Jarma-Loh into thievery, and excellent thieves they do make. Their short stature and agile bodies are perfect when sneaking through the darkness of night. Most Jarma-Loh also have a natural nose for business and are quick at picking up social codes and etiquette. There have been more than a couple Jarma-Loh serving as royal advisors and agents.

Perhaps it is the lack of a culture of their own that make the Jarma-Loh so keen on achievement and wealth. Whatever the cause, few beings are so well equipped for personal gain as the Jarma-Loh. The strange look of these creatures is and have been a burden for them - another cause for the way of the rouge – but unless they are banished as a race from a country, they tend to stay, survive, and accomplish what they aim for.

The Jarma-Loh live to be about 50 years old. They don’t respond very well to liquor (tends to turn aggressive), and heavier drugs are not common among them. The females carry their young for three months only, so if they had been more inclined to making families, their offspring could have been plenty. They have little understanding of music, and eating the meat raw instead of cooked is no big difference to them. This doesn’t stop them from distinguishing a good musical performance from a bad one, and they are not ignorant when presented with a fine meal. It is just that the Jarma-Loh prefers fine clothing, jewellery, luxurious tapestries, and over-adorned furniture. They would rather eat raw potatoes with silver cutlery than having a fine steak on a pewter plate. They love and would gladly join in on any kind of adventure, just as long as there is a promise of wealth at the end of it. They simply cannot get rich enough.

These creatures are mostly found in cities and larger townships, where opportunities are many, and wealth more common. If successful the Jarma-Loh might withdraw to a countryside castle when older, since their social life is mainly a means to their personal wealth. However, just like human beings, all Jarma-Loh are different, and some differ more than others from the norm. If a player chooses to play a Jarma-Loh character, it may of course stray from typical race behaviour, if that is desirable. A normal Jarma-Loh will be rather fearless of most situations, except when its valuables are at risk.

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